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Eye Examination

During your eye check up at Laurier Optical, our experienced and thorough eye doctors will carefully examine your eyes by using high quality and modern medical technology and equipment.

Our optometrists will be able to determine your eyesight, prescribing the proper glasses to improve your vision, and will organize a plan that will ensure that your eye health is monitored and maintained.

Our goal is to make you perceive the world as it is, with all its wondrous colors, extraordinary views, and breathtaking sights. Your eyes are perfectly safe with us here at Laurier Optical, where your care is our responsibility.

About Us

Laurier Optical was created in 1985. At that time it was a single location on Laurier Avenue in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Over the next 34 years, the business grew and developed, increasing and expanding until today. Laurier Optical has grown to 22 locations throughout Ontario and Quebec.

Over the years one goal has remained, treat customers like family and friends while offering them the best services at fair prices.

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80 Marketplace Ave, Nepean, Ontario, K2J 5G3

Tel: 613-843-1333


365 N Front St, Belleville, Ontario, K8P 5A5

Tel: 613-967-0000

Billings Bridge

2277 Riverside Dr 172, Ottawa, Ontario, K1H 8K2

Tel: 613-523-7772


358 Stewart Blvd, Brockville, Ontario, K6V 4X1

Tel: 613-345-1119


2121 Carling Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 1H2

Tel: 613-761-9999


1 Water St E, Cornwall, Ontario, K6H 6M2

Tel: 613-930-2222

Hunt Club

121-2446 Bank St, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 1A4

Tel: 613-521-8884

Hunt Club T&T

224-7 Hunt Club Rd, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 1C1

Tel: 613-247-0002


300 Earl Grey Dr Unit 7, Kanata, Ontario, K2T 1B9

Tel: 613-599-9599


945, 49 Gardiners Rd, Kingston, Ontario, K7M 7H4

Tel: 613-546-4444

Main Street

135 Main St, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 1C1

Tel: 613-455-2222

Place d’Orleans

110 Place D'Orleans Dr #2655, Orleans, Ontario, K1C 2L9

Tel: 613-841-9999


50 Rideau St, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 9J7

Tel: 613-569-2222

St. Laurent

1189 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 3B7

Tel: 613-741-4448